The constant lump in my throat
Is heavier tonight,
And an emptiness so chaotic
It numbs my mind
But it’s not peaceful,
It’s like that dark night
Where you see nothing
But you are constantly scared.
Like something bad has happened
And you have gone numb from shock,
It’s all a blank but full of fear,
Fear of snapping out of the shock
And feeling the pain,
Facing the truth and realities
Beyond the veil of this blank.

But it’s more complicated than that
Because nothing so bad
Has happened tonight
Or any previous night,
Just a series of little bads
That happened over time
And peeled me down layer by layer.
Now I lay bare, no armor, no skin
Very little flesh and a flickering soul
Which has succumbed to the darkness
And fallen in the black hole,
And I try to stretch this
Still moment in time,
The night of darkness,
That empty numb feeling inside
For what seems like an eternity
because when I come out
On the other side of the wormhole
I fear there is only more darkness
Endlessly stretched, eternally present
All consuming, final and forever darkness.



Daily Prompt – succumb

Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal