Hi Dear Bloggers!

They say we only grow by growing others. I have been meaning to create this section for a while now, A place where we all can connect on a more personal level and encourage the blogs and bloggers we admire.

My blog has recently turned one and as of today I have 638 followers and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support. Many of you have inspired me with you work and many of you have encouraged and supported me at every step of the way, you have kept me going and striving to do better. There were times when some of you shared with me how my posts and poems helped you, moved yo or just made you realise something new, those were the times when my blog served its purpose. For all of this I thank you and cherish you with all my heart and dedicate this section to you.



Inspiration behind this Section
– Over the year many of you have nominated me for different awards, as grateful as I have been I have never written an award post. I never felt worthy of it I guess and also because I am a very private person but I do want to share more of me with you all and show my gratitude for the love and motivation you send my way but most importantly there are blogs that I not only love but learn a lot from and they deserve to be shared with you all, hence this section.


About The Section “Let’s Connect”

Every month I will write a “Let’s connect” post in which I will share a few things about me and 3 of the blogs that I love and learn from.

I invite you to comment and share a little about you and links to the blogs you love (not more than 3 at a time).

I also request you to kindly visit a few blogs recommended by others. This way we not only show our admiration and help our favorite blogs grow but also grow closer to each other.



So here’s a little about me 

  1. I am a fan of classics and at the same time I admire free thinkers and revolutionaries of their time. I am also a romantic which shouldn’t come as a surprise sice I spend my days writing poetry.
  2. I wouldn’t call myself a well-read person, there are too many books out there that I have yet to read but from what I have read so far my favorite author is Jane Austen.
  3. I love music, I swoon to the songs of Frank Sinatra, they feel like dessert. Oh yeah, I also like dessert or let’s just say all good food. I feel like good food and good music have a way of uplifting my mood like nothing else.
  4. I am a movie junkie. I watch a lot of movies and all kinds of movies ranging from old black and whites to thought-provoking artistic ones and some romantic comedies and superhero fantasies in between.
  5. I love to travel and preferably only with people I really like. I love seeing new places, being around nature and being around art and culture and most of all the very state of mind we have when we are traveling. When we travel we have this curiosity to see new places and experience new things, new food and we make sure we don’t waste time being still or sad or worried about things and make the most of our time. Probably that is how life should be lived.


Blogs I love and learn from:
There are many blogs which have taught me many things And I would like to share them with you but only 3 at a time in each Let’s connect post. The idea is to not crowd you by sharing all of them at once and make sure each of them get the attention they deserve. 

1. A Short Conversation by Miri Elm
She is a wonderful writer and I hope to learn  a lot from her. Here is a recent post by her that almost gave me goose bumps. “Eight thousand and seventy eight steps for roses

2. Eyes Plus Words by Jacob Ibrag
He writes the most briliantly though provoking short poems and I have learnt a lot from reading his work.

3. Infinite Living by Pragalbha Doshi
She writes poems that heal or help you grow, it’s a beautiful experience reading her poems and she is one of the kindest and most encouraging blogger I have had the pleasure of being connected to.


I hope you enjoy exploring them as much us I do. I look forward to knowing you more and exploring the blogs recommended by you. 🙂