This time when you see me
Take gentle steps, walk towards me
Slowly and intently.

How long I will have waited to see you,
So when I see you let me see you,
Let me see you see me
With that love in your eyes
That you once saw me with.

Touch my hand 
With your fingertips first
Before you hold it in yours,
Let your smile wrap me in warmth
Before you do so with your arms,
Let your eyes kiss me 
Before your lips do,
Let your kiss tell me you love me
Tell me how much you missed me
Before you say the words.

This time when you see me
Don’t rush through a single moment,
Savor each look, each smile,
Each sigh, each kiss
That we have waited an eternity for.

Savor every little sensation
So slowly, so earnestly
That it’s preserved
In our memories
for all eternity.

And when we make love
Let each touch cast
An unbreakable spell,
Let each heartbeat
Echo in the mountains



Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal