Pick a number, they said
So he started counting in his head
One two three four five six
Kept going, he had to know all his options
To know which one was his perfect bet.

The thing about numbers is that
They are infinite, after counting for years
You finally realize you can’t know it all,
See it all, try it all or be it all
To know for sure which one to pick.

The good news is
It’s not about the choice you make anyway,
It’s about the follow through.
No such thing as a perfect number,

No greatness in a mere choice,
Choices are only good or bad, never great.
It’s the greatness of your commitment
To the choices you make, that count.
It’s about how well you do
What you decide to do.

Your choices
Become your identity,
But your commitment
Becomes your greatness.
So pick your passion,
Pick your poison, all the same.
Just have to pick one you desire
And set it on fire,
Let it burn inside you,
Let it shine through.



Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal