Little words you say so playfully,
Little things you do unknowingly,
Little things of little consequences,
Sometimes they touch me
like a winter breeze,
Not at once but slowly
Everything turns cold
My skin, my heart even my smile
And sometimes they seep
In my skin like soft sunlight
The ice starts melting
The winter ends there
And just like that
Spring arrives.

It’s not about what you do
Or what words you use,
It’s about how much
You mean to me.
You see, we are a different size
In everyone’s life
In my life, you are a giant,
Everything you do
Makes a world of difference.

I know it could be scary
When everything around you
Seems so fragile,
It’s scary for me too
To have someone be
A giant in my land,
It takes a little more faith
Than I am used to putting in people.
But sometimes that’s just what
being in love feels like,
Like being a giant in someone’s life
And at the same time
Being the fragile world
A giant lives in.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it
But then there you go again
Doing one of those sunshine things
And all is spring again.



Photographer Unknown
Poetryย ยฉย Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal