No one to please,

No one to disappoint
But the ones I chose out of love
And out of love alone.

No possessions to lose,
Nothing I need to find to be wealthy
But only the things that are priceless,
Things one can never lose once found.

Not running from somewhere,
Nowhere that I have to reach
But to all the places I want to see
In this world before I leave.

Neither a rootless drifter,
Nor is there a place I call home
Except the space in your heart
Where I live where ever I go.

I want nothing to do with the world,
Yet I want the whole world as mine,
Not necessarily to be adored by it
But simply to adore it.

I see a grandeur in simple things
And a pettiness in magnificence,
Nothingness also means everything
Such is my idea of life.

Nothing is enough
Yet just a little can suffice.



Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal