So often so many are so lonely
In a world full of other lonely people,
How is it even possible to get so lonely
When everyone wants to find someone
How do they not find each other?
I guess I know how.

Strutting around like the studs we are not
Looking to find someone who understands us
While never really showing who we really are,
We each hiding in our own special closet,
These closet of our fake identity behind which
We are all alone, humanity becomes a lonely species.

Everyone sitting with empty chairs around
Waiting for someone to come sit next to them
A kind, nonjudging soul who will love them
Thinking patience is the key while others like them
In closets like theirs sit alone around empty chairs.
Can you really not see the answer?

Come out of that closet you hide in,
The other closets who are good at being closets
Will ridicule you, But some will follow you
And then all you have to do is be that someone,
The kind and loving someone to someone lonely
That’s how you will not be lonely anymore.

That’s how humanity will not be
A lonely species anymore.
Sometimes complicated questions
Have simple answers
And very often those answers
Are Truth and love.



Daily Prompt – Strut

Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal