Not a neophyte anymore,
I have been around for a while.
My eyes are deep for they have seen life,
They have seen the storms and the sunrise.
When you are stuck in the storm
Without a sailor or a soul to guide, you realize
You alone and on your own are enough,
And after a few storms I figured
I never needed anyone for the ride.

One morning I woke up to see the sunrise,
Sunrise in middle of an ocean is a glorious thing.
Under the crimson orange glow of the sky
The water glitters like liquid gold,
The waves, wind, and birds come together
To create the sweetest of symphony 
And the cold breeze carries the smell of sea
To your heart and it swells with glee.

It is when you experience joy like that,
That you really wish you had someone
To share it with, to tell your stories to
Or to live and relive those moments with,
For happiness is only real when shared, 
And shared with someone who truly cares,
Or else it is but a faint fleeting smile,
Like an overwhelming puff of perfume
One moment it makes you heady
The next it evaporates into the air
And all that is left of it is a fading memory
That fades away almost completely 
And a little too quickly.

That morning I finally realized,
That we all really do need someone

But not to survive the storm,
We need someone for the sunrise.

Daily Prompt – Neophyte

Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal