More than the People I have lost,
More than the times that are gone,
More than the dreams I dreamed
That fade away with the dawn,
I miss what they took away from me.

They say live, I am someone who has,
They talk about life-enriching experiences
And all the nobility they give
But they don’t tell you what it takes.
I miss what they took away from me.

With ignorance goes innocence
With which goes the faith we had in little things,
No more wishing on eyelashes or birthday candles,
Moon doesn’t follow you anymore nor do you reach for the stars.
Older and wiser, I miss what they took away from me.

But then I see her reaching out to me, she whispers ever so softly,
We don’t leave shallow waters Just so we can drown in the deep sea, Swim!
Free yourself from the clutches of what couldn’t be. It’s like Rubik’s cube,
We have to send some pieces away to clear the mess the gremlins make
Then we bring them back. Bring me back when you get to the surface of the sea.



Daily Prompt – ClutchGremlins

Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal