She never had much luck or intellect,

No gifts, no artistry, no legacy,
All she had was some fire and some fight,
This underdog was a dog with a bite.

Said we all do things wrong
Until the day we get it right.

So, she did what little she could do, 
But she did it relentlessly,
And when she hit a brick wall
She hit it until she made it fall,
Getting better and better constantly.

She wasn’t born a princess
But she knew how to become a conqueror.
They ask how did an underdog get the crown?
Well, how do you beat someone who never stays down?

No secrets to it, no special formula, no magic beans to sow,
Just a simple fact of success, if you keep moving forward
One day you get where you wanted to go.




Daily Prompt – Underdog

Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal