There is this time of hope and uncertainty
After you sow a seed and before
You see a little sapling in its place.
Watering a patch of dirt day after day,
No proof or progress that your eyes can see,
Yet you believe in what it can be,
While on tenterhooks and in turmoil
You hold on to the dream of a mighty tree,
The nobility or the foolishness of that faith
Shall be proved with the fate of that seed.

How out of our hands life can be
Yet in the dark we keep waving hands
And touching walls and things like a blind man,
Trying to understand and maneuver life
And there are some who claim to have done it,
To have figured out how the things work,
Breaking it down in specific steps to follow
Of faith, religion and other magical things
But could it be that you have nurtured a tree
Just because you got lucky?
Could it be just chance and you increase your chances
Only by sowing more and more seeds
And there are no other techniques
None other than the gardening basics.



Daily Prompt – Tenterhooks

Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal