Can you imagine that moment of a coin toss before a big match when the coin is still in the air and everyone is holding their breath? That moment is my life. I often feel like a coin tossed in the air in slow motion, waiting for what seems like an eternity to drop either over my heads or tails and finally know my fate and then I can go on living my life.

Like an impatient traveler who keeps looking at his watch and asking how much longer and how many more kilometers every half an hour, I go through life anxious to get to the next place. The worst thing about that is that it doesn’t necessarily mean I get somewhere sooner, just that I stay anxious throughout the ride. All of this gets even more complicated when I realize that the moment I reach a destination I start chasing the next one. Coin toss after coin toss after coin toss and I am always in the air.

This post is for me and for everyone who often finds themselves up in the air like a coin.


Long empty voids

Between the moments of life

The limbo in which we merely survive

To get to the next dream we keep forgetting

That we already are living the dream,

A dream we once had

But not really, because the joy

That we imagined it would bring

We are too busy to soak it in,

Or maybe the joy has been relocated

To the next dream, and so we chase

Like the donkey chasing a carrot on the stick

And funnily enough, we are the ones to tie it there.

Destined to live in the limbo of our ludicrous lives

like the coin always tossed up in the air,

Of our fate forever unaware, forever waiting,

If we keep holding our breath when will we live?

What life will it be if we never learn to just be?

If living in the limbo is destiny let’s do it right,

Maybe living the dream is not just an objective,

Maybe it’s also a way of life.



Daily Prompt – Relocate

Photographer Unknown
© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal