And so it starts, a brand new year. Life goes on and day after day as nothing much changes, everything is different in a few years. It’s like watching the sun and while we never really see it move it changes position right in front of our eyes.

Slowly and most definitely everything changes and I would like to dedicate this post and this year to change. While there are things I want to keep as they are but life has taught me that it all changes either for better or for worse, anything that is not growing, starts decaying.

With this post, I wish you all a Happy New Year that is full of remarkable moments of joy and growth!


And so it starts
New battle of hearts
New days and new journeys
Same you, same me, same city
Yet everything new
Reshaped and shined
Blank diaries
Fully of possibilities
And I pledge to write a lot
I plan on filling this year
With stories of things done
And I pledge to do a lot
And be present for all I do
In the moment and not beyond
For I will reach the shore one day,
All I want to do for now is
Swim well and swimΒ a lot
Or fly a lot.



Photo Challenge – Growth

© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal