Noises of life have replaced the sounds of the night, the ticking of watch and swishing of the wind drowned out by the cars passing by, their honking, people talking, someone’s playing music, dogs barking, and that sound of construction. It’s an up and coming area, if you listen carefully during any time of the day, you can hear the sound of ongoing construction.

It’s 11:30 on a Sunday morning, the world is awake and our curtains have a golden glow yet our rooms is still dark. He is sleeping next to me wrapped in a blanket and although he is a grown man, every time I catch a glimpse of his bearded face, it’s as if I have never seen anything cuter, probably that is love. Probably This is why we need love, it creates a small world inside this big noisy one, a world of peace and warmth on a lazy Sunday morning. There might be nothing really remarkable about that small world, but it puts a remarkable smile on your face. There is nothing ordinary about the softness that wraps you when you are wrapped in the arms of someone you love.


Yet I wonder if anything is really sacred in this transient world. Sometimes I feel that the present is all I really have, this lazy Sunday morning in our little room is all I truly have and everything else is either wishful thinking of fearful overthinking. How do we know what to hold sacred then? Eternity, Universe, Infinity, God, Karma even Love, all are fascinating theories, maybe even realities, wonderful, mesmerising and a little too grand to see in all its vastness from any one point in time of an individual’s life. All we can see and touch and feel in all their entirety are the little things, simple little things. Little kisses, little moments of joy, little victories, little achievements, little pieces of our present. Then why not hold sacred these simple pleasures of the present?


On this lazy Sunday morning, with the cutest man sleeping by my side in a cozy room, surrounded by uncertainties and the constant struggles of life, I am warm and happy. I suppose that’s the only way to be happy in this world, in middle of chaos, cherishing the sacredness of the simple pleasures of the present.




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© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal