You do a full circle when you see
How little are the objects of your worry
And you look at the bigger things
Life and its meaning and meaninglessness,
Love and all that it should be
And all that it can’t.
The pursuit of passion or a destiny,
What to be, what not to be,
And then you realize
The unfathomable vastness of it all  
Makes is all pointlessly small.

It’s like death, so definite and so beyond,

A problem too big to solve or live with
So we forget about it and deal with
The broken ceiling fan or a broken dream,
Of trips to Paris or the corner office.
The little objects we worry about,
We worry about them for a reason,
The big objects are too big to worry about.

You do a full circle when you leave the worldly things

On your way to greatness and then return
For there is no greatness in sainthood
Or on any other path or in any other thing, little or big,
Only greatness is in your undying devotion
To something, anything,
If there is any at all.



Daily prompt – Loophole

Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal