My hands were trembling as they trembled 

The night you kissed me for the first time

My heart was thumping just like it did then.

I counted my steps, one, two, three, four

I counted the steps it took to reach where

You were sanding and when I reached there

I knew you were counting my steps too

I knew for I could hear your heart thump

And then you smiled at me and I smiled

Because we were always synced like that.

“Yes, we are synced like that” I thought to myself

And my heart wasn’t thumping anymore

My hands weren’t trembling anymore

My smile reached my eyes and I saw

Your smile reach your eyes too

Because we are synced like that.

People looking but only seeing

The outlines of you and me,

Only reading the preface of our story

As we stand at the intermission

To take each other’s hands and take the leap

Paragliding through eternity.

Many went before us, same cliff,

Same paraglider, maybe to the crowd

They even looked like us 

But they weren’t us, they weren’t you and me.

There is only one you and only one me

In middle of infinite unique numbers

Two individual unique numbers

And their story a new story.



Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal