Greatness simmers in my blood and then goes away. There are moments of clarity when I see things clearly and then everything becomes out of focus, messy. There are flashes of profound awareness and then vague cluelessness returns. An uncontrolable drive, a passion flickers and then dissapears.

Maybe human beings are not born great or common, smart or stupid, good or bad. We each have all those traits, all those threads, what we become depends on the thread we follow. It doesn’t make a difference whether we choose to follow it or are forced to follow it but it’s the thread or the combination of threads we end up following for whatever reason, that makes us who we become.

They say you can be whoever you want to be. As inspiring as it is it doesn’t always fit the bill. I would like to amend that a little bit. You can choose who you want to be and that’s your identity, “who you want to be”. This does not mean that just by thinking you want to be a certain kind of person you define your identity, you define your identity when you work towards it, when you back who you want to be with your actions. Your identity is not the point of your journey where you stand right now, your identity is the path you have taken, your entire journey, and you can start a new journey, take a new turn whenever you want.

You can not control the lucky breaks, the setbacks, the roadblock and the do-overs you get and so you can not control where you will be in your journey at a given point of time but you get to pick the journey, that’s how you get to choose who you are.

So yes, you can be whoever you want to be.
You are what you want to be. 



Daily Prompt – Messy

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