Don’t wish me a happy women’s day,
I don’t need it or care for it.
I don’t deserve it neither should I have to.
I am not a woman who has given up her dreams
To fit in a man’s dream
Or sacrificed her joy for everyone else’s,
Toiled at home to be a good wife and mother
And for exactly that reason toiled at work a little more
To prove she is not distracted or too spent to work.
So keep your warm wishes and appreciation
For there will be no more sacrifices.
I don’t want to deserve your women’s day card.

And don’t expect any cards from me either
For I don’t think someone who respects me,
Someone who doesn’t control me or hits me out of love
Deserves an award or even deserves to be called a good man.
Someone one who respects me deserves my respect,
I don’t hit someone who doesn’t hit me,
They are OK And I am OK.
Good is not the absence of bad,
The absence of bad is “not bad” or fine or OK.

So don’t give me a day out of 365 days
And expect me to thankΒ you.
I am not a happy women’s day kinda woman,
I would rather wish men a happy men’s day
Because we live in a world where every other day is women’s day
And I would rather be called good for not raping men
And then beating them senseless
Or for not slut-shaming them for not wearing enough
And then wishing them happy men’s day once a year.
But I am also ok not having all that,
I will gladly give men their fair share and not need an award for it
As long as we live in a world where we don’t need a women’s day.


Daily Prompt – fact

Photographer Unknown
© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal