Imaging that your life is like a movie made up of billions, trillions, gazillions of picture slides, a film roll made up of gazillion pictures. Every single picture on this film roll is a different reality. The present (the now) is the screen on which these pictures are displayed. Every time a new picture is displayed, the present shifts to a different reality. 


Now imagine that each frame in the film roll does not have a fixed picture but has many picture options available. All these pictures have already been taken, all these pictures already exist. All these different reality options already exist, only question is which picture you choose to display on the screen, which reality you choose to shift to.


Now smash the whole film roll together so that all the picture options for a frame and all the frames exist together at one single point, that’s parallel reality.

The philosophy of parallel reality says that everything, every incidence or reality that has existed or will exist or could have existed already exists simultaneously. Our consciousness is constantly shifting from one reality to another based on our frequency and that is how we move, walk, situations change, life changes and people change. Time is an illusion that our mind creates based on the previous realities we have existed in.


My life has changed since I discovered this concept and going by it so many things make sense now.  One important thing that makes sense now is the law of attraction. If only we can change our frequency consciously we can take control of how our life changes. By changing our frequency we can shift to the reality we prefer and it’s all doable because all the versions of  reality we can possibly imagine already exists.

I understand that if you are new to the concept then all this must be a little too much to take and digest in one go so I am going to stop here. You don’t have to believe me just yet, all I ask is you keep an open mind. It’s a complex topic and I have only recently started my research on it. I hope you will join me so we can explore it together. I would love to hear your thoughts on it and feel free to share your doubts so I can address them and make my research more extensive.

My next post is going to be about how we subconsciously shift to different parallel realities and how can we consciously choose the reality that we want to shift in to. I will keep posting the links to new posts related to this subject, Stay tuned. 

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