In my last post, I talked about the philosophy of parallel realities. If you have not already read that, click here – Parallel Reality Simplified and come back to read this post so it makes better sense.

So far, we have talked about how life is like a motion picture (movie) made of infinite pictures and each of those pictures is a complete parallel reality.  We keep shifting from one parallel reality to another in order to make any movement or change whether big, small or microscopic.

So, the question is not how to shift to a new reality since we already do that by our second nature. Right now while writing this post as my finger moves from one key to another on my laptop I am constantly shifting from one reality to another and another and another… The question is which reality to shift to.


For that, you first need to understand that when we shift from one reality to another, it’s our consciousness that makes the shift, not our body. Every picture (parallel reality) is complete with a body and is fixed that way, it doesn’t change. It’s our consciousness that shifts to our new body in the new reality every nanosecond.

Our consciousness is mostly made of our thoughts, perceptions, and feelings and those are made of vibrations and when the frequency of our vibrations matches the frequency of a particular reality, we as a consciousness shift to that reality. Look at it like a radio, when we set it at a certain frequency it catches a certain channel and when we change the frequency the channel changes. So this goes to say that if we change our thoughts, perceptions, and feelings our reality will also change.

The concept parallel reality also states that any reality you can possibly imagine already exists. There is an infinite number of realities for you to choose from, anything you can imagine to the minutest of detail, already exists. You perfect life, your perfect home, your perfect job, your perfect partner, your perfect self, even your perfect dog, car, friends, everything you can imagine already exists. Your best reality already exists you just have to shift there. All you have to do is adjust your frequency to match the frequency of the reality that you want to shift to.

Has it ever happened that you were sad over something little or worried for a long time and things just kept getting worse? It’s because the frequency of your vibrations i.e. your thoughts, feelings, behavior matched a different, a sadder reality than the reality you were in so you slowly shifted to a reality that matched your frequency. The good news is that this can also be used in our favor. In simple terms, your thoughts, feelings and perceptions, actions, personality and your entire being has to match the reality you want and slowly you will shift to your preferred reality.

 Let me break it down :

  • First, choose a reality you want to shift too. You can pick any reality as long as you can without any doubt believe that it’s possible for you. 
  • Now that you have chosen the reality, imagine it in great detail so that you can do the next step. 
  • This step is imagining you in that reality, how you feel in that reality, how you think, the thoughts you have, the personality, the perceptions, the way you move, talk, behave, imagine every personality trait in detail. This is the frequency that you have to be on to shift to that reality. 
  • Now you bring your self to match those personality traits, match those feelings of joy and content, of pride and humility, match those thoughts, match the perceptions, movements, behavior, actions to match the frequency. Become the person you will be when you live in your preferred reality. And as soon as you match the frequency accurately and constantly, you will shift to that reality.

It’s like this theory explains how positive thinking, the law of attraction, the secret, the power of subconscious mind works. You can’t just want something and have it, you have to already have it in your mind to actually have it in your reality. it all makes sense now.


We were never the victims of our circumstance, we have always been the creators of it, the directors of it. We just didn’t know it. It’s time we took charge.

I will wrap up here today and leave you to wrap your mind around this. In my next post, I will share the techniques you can try to effectively change your thoughts and persona to match the frequency of your perfect reality.

I would love to hear your thoughts on it, feel free to share any doubts or refutations so we can talk about them.

Lots of love,

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