Hi There!

I have decided to go on an emotional detox. Which means that for the coming days (Let’s see how many) As much as I can, I will only think, speak or write positive things, only watch positive videos or movies, only read positive books and treat myself well. I will remind myself to be grateful for the things I have and focus on the things that I want in life. The most difficult part of the detox and the most important one will be making a conscious and continuous effort to only feel positive emotions. Any time I encounter a negative emotion, I will do my best to walk away from it and shift my thoughts and eventually my emotions towards a positive direction. I will do things that make me happy and maybe once in a while even pamper myself. How is that for authentic? 😉

The Idea is to see if it really changes my life and surrounding for the better. As a part of this detox, I will be writing one positive poem/post every day. I am hoping it will help me and you remain positive and spread some positivity in the world.  Here is the 1st poem.


Rope Of Hope

You might not see it at night
But it’s always there, The Sun.
Look for that ray of light,
You only have to find just one.

Touch it with your fingers,
Feel it on your face,
Forget the darkness that lingers
Hold on to that single grace.

Like a ribbon or a rope
Wrap it around your palms and feet,
That single ray of hope
Like they climb a rope, you climb it.

But you can’t bring your baggage for this trip
And whatever you do don’t look down,
If you slip, you tighten your grip,
Keep your chin up like you are wearing a crown.

And you climb that rope of hope
Out the cave and up the slippery slope
of darkness and those endless nights.
About time you saw the lights.

I welcome anyone who would like to join me on this emotional detox. We can motivate and support each other through this journey and compare notes at the end of it. I would really love it if you came along and I am hoping so would you.


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© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal