What if birds were never told
That they can fly?
No one showed them how
And no birds that they knew ever flew,
Do you think they would even try?
Maybe they would, curiosity is a powerful thing,
But no little bird ever flew in their first attempt.
What if after their first or second or third fall
And after being ridiculed and laughed at
They were talked into stop training their wings
And start training their feet to walk faster?
They can still be good runners,
Be good amongst their kind.
Whats wrong with that?

Well, nothing
If you think it’s ok to have never flown
Even though you were built to fly,
To let those beautiful wings
Go to waste.

What if we are like those fallen birds?
What if you really are a creator
Whose mind really is capable
Of creating things at it’s will?
What if reality was never a cage you were trapped in
But just a reflection of what you believe?
What if you could have a better reality
If only you could have better beliefs
But you were never told you could,
And when someone finally did
You lacked the imagination
To even try?



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Photographer Unknown
© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal