It’s as if Joy is always flowing
Like the air all around us
But we roam around with a lung
Full of dark smokes of anger, worry, hate and guilt,
Wondering how can people look as happy as they do.
Then one day we breathe out that dark smoke,
And feel this relief sweep all over us,
And wonder “Why was I holding on
If all I had to do was let go?”.
In flows the joy filling our lungs with light
And just like that, we become those people
Who look too happy to be real,
But this time we know,
It’s real,
The joy is real.

Bestow upon yourself
This kindness,
Breathe out the smoke.



Note: You can read about the Emotional Detox I am on by Visiting the Day 1 post over here –Emotional Detox – Day 1. Rope Of Hope

Daily Prompt – bestow

Photographer Unknown
© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal