Thank you! Thank You to all one thousand and one of you!

It’s as if my 30 day emotional detox is already working.

I am so happy today to have reached 1001 followers. Since I got close to 900, I have been waiting to hit the no. 1000 but the universe did me one better, 1001 followers as of today.

I want to dedicate this post to each and every one of you for making me a part of your blogging community and your lives. I want to thank you for each time you read my post, for each like that made me feel useful and for each motivating comment and honest interaction that made this journey so so special for me. 🙂

This poem is for YOU, dear follower!

The little things you do,
Little ways you show
Your appreciation in,
Those simple words
Of kindness and encouragement, 
For which I have said
A simple thank you
Many times,
I want you to know
How special they are to me.

They are like the air
That has kept my blog alive,
They have given me strength
At times that I most needed it,
They have given me confidence,
They have given me the hope
In hopeless times,
Your love has made me love myself.

They say do what you love
Don’t worry about what others say,
I think I started the blog with that thought,
But when people say encouraging things
The load gets reduced.
Thank you for that!



Note: You can read about the Emotional Detox I am on by Visiting the Day 1 post over here – Emotional Detox – Day 1. Rope Of Hope

Photographer Unknown
© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal