Happiness is all around,
If you just look for it.
Not so much as look for it but look at it,
You will find it in so many places.
Someone told you it’s hard,
Someone made you feel like
You don’t deserve it,
You will never find it
So you stopped looking,
But oh, if you just look..
At first, you feel silly
Like you are looking for a unicorn
But how can you really know
Unicorns can’t be found
If you never look?

Joy, inspirations, happiness
Comes and find you
If you just look.
They burst out of the seams of your heart,
Run in a stream from your eyes,
And drip from your fingertips,
And the shine on you like the sun,
And caress you like the wind,
Drown you like the ocean at first,
But when you stop struggling, you float,
You float on happiness.

Tonight I can’t sleep
I am so happy,
Don’t ask me what happened,
Nothing special.
I just started looking and
I saw happiness peeping through
The windows and lurking in the corners,
It said it was always there
But never felt welcome
So it hid from me.
I embraced it
And I told happiness
It never has to hide from me again.



Note: You can read about the Emotional Detox I am on by Visiting the Day 1 post over here – Emotional Detox – Day 1. Rope Of Hope

Photographer Unknown
© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal