I loosen my grip
Over things, I called mine,
For whatever is really mine
Will never leave my side,
And that which is not
Has to leave so it can find
It’s true place in the world,
And creat room in mine
For things that truly belong.
That which I need needs me too,
That which is mine I am it’s too.
Force is required when things don’t fit
That what shall fit will fit,
On its own.
I will open my heart when it fits
And not before,
For once things enter the heart
It’s hard to let go,
That’s why we tighten the grip,
But not anymore.
I loosen the grip today
Over all things I know
And erect a wall of bricks
To keep the wanderers out,
To that which I am the destination
Will know how to bring it down.



Note: You can read about the Emotional Detox I am on by Visiting the Day 1 post over here – Emotional Detox – Day 1. Rope Of Hope

Photographer Unknown
© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal