You learn to swim,
Then you swim so hard to get across the ocean
And you get far, so far, but not all the way across
And you can’t it seems.
You can’t reach the shore
Unless you give up and drown,
Drowning is the final step to that shore.
Humbling and rewarding in one breath,
Such is life.

I got everything I always wanted
Only when I gave up on it all.
I guess life wanted to show me
I don’t need anything
Before it gave me everything.
Nothing and everything
Two sides of the same coin.
Sometimes you have to lose to win.
How treacherous and how nurturing,
How horrible and how beautiful,
Is life and its ways.

I would complain
But after reaching the shore
You see the beauty
In the struggles of drowning
And love life all the more for it.
I love life all the more for it.


Note: I have not been writing for a while, I could give you reasons but they are not important, they are never important, are they?! I want to thank Raj for commenting on my last post and asking me to wake up. Thanks, Raj. I am back! πŸ™‚

Photographer Unknown
© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal