A Busy footpath in the heart of Dublin


I look around me,
And I see so much Sadness.

I look around me,
And I see so much joy.

I look around in crowded places
I look at all the empty faces,
I see them seeing the sadness, the emptiness
I see them look for Joy.

And I wonder why can’t they see
The joy and the beautiful things
That are as much there, if not more,
Right next to all the smoke.

Who convinced us all
That all the joy we see is unreal,
That beauty is rare and love is a fairytale,
And all the happy people
Are either foolish, delusional, Sick or high?

I see all these people looking for joy,
And not seeing it.
Going after happiness,
And not being it.

I wonder what will it take,
For them to believe,
That these are as good times as any,

That it’s ok for them to be happy.



Photographer Unknown
© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal