Hi Dear Readers,

It has been a while, and in that while, I have reached a place in life where I feel I belong. I would like to point out that this feeling is not so much about the place or time or even the people and events that surround me but simply about feeling like I belong because I just do. It’s about the belief that I am right where I am supposed to be, and I am right in being me. It’s about trusting your self and the universe, or your higher self, destiny,  God, collective consciousness or whatever else you prefer to call it.

The strongly I believe this, the more incidences, people and circumstances line up in my life to support my belief, more things happen in my life that makes me feel like I truly belong just as I am.

It’s a different kind of belonging. Like a wave belongs in an ocean. Like an air molecule belongs in air…there is no question of being right or wrong, or if you are good enough. You are what makes the ocean an ocean and you are what makes air, air. Without you in this universe, something would be broken and a broken universe doesn’t exist…So without you, there would be nothing. It’s like this, each wave, each molecule and each of us is connected with ALL THAT IS… everything is the entire universe, expressing itself, in all it’s perfection. A singular expression of a bigger, all inclusive, infinite consciousness.

This awareness comes and goes, and sure, I still have little things in life I get worried about, but I know that is a process we go through, the universe goes through, to expand, to become more.

Anyway, this post isn’t about all that, it’s about a project I have been meaning to start and I will need a little help in it. I want to write and publish a book of short stories, of real people, in lasting loving relationships/marriages. A book of true stories of lasting love that stood the test of time, with real incidences and pictures. A book that celebrates stories of people who have grown old together and are still very deeply and joyously in love with each other. 


I have grown up in a world where books and movies are full of love stories yet there is this popular notion that true, everlasting, ever joyful, love is a fairy tale. The idea behind this book is not to give tips or learn from those who found everlasting love, but just to put it out there that everlasting love exists. The Idea is to acknowledge and celebrate it and give this world a reason to have faith in love again.

If you have a story like that, please share your email ID or connect with me at opinionatedhead@gmail.com. I promise to treat your story with the utmost respect and do my best to portray an accurate account of it. I shall only use it upon your consent on the final draft.

All feedback, ideas and of course story recommendations are most welcome and much needed. 

Now, about that help, I need you all to help me do just one thing, reach the right ears. Please help me reach people with love stories of a lifetime. If you know anyone who has a story like that, Please ask them if they would let me write a short story on it, and share this post them. I would also request you to tell as many people as you can about this project so they can ask as many people as they can and we can get a pool of these beautiful real-life love stories that we can share with the world.

 And if you want to write a book like that too, by all means, do it. This world deserves as many reasons as we can give it to have faith.

I am really excited that I am finally doing this, and I am so excited for the couples I will be hearing from, and the resulting book that will be full of love and inspiration. If this book, gives these beautiful couples another loving memory to cherish and brings a little peace to those who are trying to have faith in love, I will consider this a huge success, and I thank you all in advance for being a part of it.

Lots of love,

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© Copyright 2019, Niharika Jaiswal