We have been told life is a certain way,
Seldom they tell us why of it all.
We fall into the abyss of meaninglessness
Of this existence that comes from the comforts of the world.
No real crisis, no immediate threats, first world problems,
Creating a generation of people looking for the first world comforts,
Or even worse,  looking for nothing, for nothing worthy is to be found.
The world is broken, painful and malevolent,
And so why be a part of it? Why participate?
Existing primarily as no one in a congregation of no ones,
Merely alive, drifting from on momentary comfort to another,
For there are no meaningful pursuits,
None that we are capable of pursuing anyway.

But what if we were more able than we knew?
What if we tried to build on our little strengths and
Found more and then some more and then some more?
Maybe the meaning is ours to give, Maybe there is meaning
In that little interest, in that little potential, we safely ignore.
Maybe there is meaning in taking responsibility for it.
Your potential is your responsibility.
If you could have done something,
It’s your responsibility to do that thing,
Your responsibility to yourself, to your existence,
To your family, your parents who have done so much,
Given so much, sacrificed so much to raise you.
It’s your responsibility to your parent’s parents and the whole bloodline
That has made efforts and sacrifices and contributed
To your genes, your potential, and your existence.
You potential is your responsibility to this existence,
As a sperm, you won the race of life and millions died
Millions of potential lives died for your potential to exist.
If the world or humanity needs fixing
And you can do just a little bit to make it better,
To add a little growth, a little light, joy or inspiration,
Or just to improve the quality of your life and the lives of people you value,
It’s your responsibility to do that.
When you ignore your potential you rebuttal not just your chances
But your family’s, your future generation’s
And the chances of your community, even humanity, to have a slightly better world.

What if your potential was going to lead to more potential?
What if the little things you could do were going to have a butterfly effect,
What if you reaching your potential would have inspired more to reach theirs
And that would have led to more butterfly effects from there?
What if you and me, we mere mortals, just by doing that what little we do well
Could have started a wildfire that would have lit this dark dark world up,
Or even just added a little candle to the lives of those who we care about,
Wouldn’t we be responsible for all that not happening, if we didn’t do what we could?

Does this not sound like the only logical thing to do,
The only noble cause, the only meaning in this abyss?
The only pursuit worthwhile is not just within our reach,
It’s also a joyful one,
And the only path to something resembling fulfillment.


Inspired by Jordan Peterson

Photographer Unknown
© Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal