You exist, and if you exist, you deserve to exist.

And I don’t mean it as a cosmic,  divine idea, while it might also be that, but It’s also plain logic first. Look at it like this, if you win a contest, you deserve the prise; if you win a lottery, you deserve the money; so if as a sperm you won the race of life, you deserve to exist. Simple as that.

But what does it really mean to deserve to exist? At the very least, it means you get to occupy space in this world, and you get to do that as the most authentic version of yourself, that you can possibly be. You deserve to exist as you.

You get to occupy physical, mental and emotional space, you get to occupy space in terms of resources and time in this world. You get to have the room you need to be you and grow yourself to your maximum potential. All that you need to exist as your authentic self, and fulfill your potential, is your birthright. It’s a right given to you by nature and existence itself.

I am not saying that this means that all the things that you need to exist as yourself and grow, shall fall in your lap, but you get to want those things, strive for those things, ask for those things, demand those things, even fight for those things. Reach for your rights, claim what you deserve unapologetically. What you deserve, that which is your right is also your responsibility to attain.



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© Copyright 2019, Niharika Jaiswal