In it with all that you are,
All that you have been, and all that you will ever be,
In it with all honesty, of both facts and feelings;
With every part of your story, every bit of your past,
All your dreams and despair on the table at last.

In it with every cell in your body,
With every thought in your mind,
In it with every drop of your soul,
for everyday of your life;
That is how you fall in love,
That is how you have a fighting chance.
That is the only way to do it right,
To make it last.

Pick your Soulmate,
Bare your soul, everyday. 


The question is
How do you pick?
The answer so easy,
I wish someone told me
It was so simple.

Tick is applying it at the right spot.
You don’t make the decision with faith,
You make the decision from faith.
First, have faith that no matter what you pick,
Which ever path you take,
It will work out, it will make you truly happy,
Because you will be all in
And the universe is with you.
No matter who you take the journey with
or if you take it alone, you will reach the goal;
There is no failure, no wrong path.
From that place of no fear and complete faith,
Where you know every decision is the right decision,
Are you still inclined towards someone or something?

Your favourite path to joy, that which calls you,
Resonates with you..
That’s the one.

If you are still not sure, wait, it will come to you.
You can’t miss it.



 Photographer unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2019, Niharika Jaiswal