Sun Halo Mandala

Sun Halo – A round rainbow around the sun.

With the covid situation in India, I lost my job last year like many like me in the events industry. Major lay offs all across, the entire industry has been in a coma. Although I am not complaining, compared to what many have had to go through this is a breeze. Had some money saved up, been painting a lot and eventually made an art account on instagram called epiphanyandart and started posting …been writing a little too with each of my paintings 🙂

Recently something amazing happened. One evening I wanted to make a Mandala painting of rainbow and sun…but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. In fact, I was also wondering if I am just wasting my time painting. Next morning I woke up to the sky posing for my mandala. There it was a big beautiful sun halo in the sky!! I had never seen one before.

A few days further back, in a troubled state of mind, I had asked universe for a sign. In my paintings and poems I try to capture those beautiful moments of clarity we experience in a meditation, or sometimes right after it when we land upon an answer or a thought which makes everything make sence again. I wanted to keep those pure thoughts in one place for me or for anyone who needs a reminder and so I created epiphanyandart. It feels good on most days but somedays it feels … pointless I guess. I had asked universe to send me a sign, and not something subtle and vague but a clear miracle. I had said ” you can do anything right?! Then give me a miracle to tell me that I should keep painting, that I am on the right path about this (and about a few other things). I need help in having faith in the process, send me a miracle to show me you are listening and working with me.”

This feels like universe’s response…it sent me my miracle!! 🙂


Author & Artist – Niharika Jaiswal @epiphanyandart