Work In Progress

Recently I found myself telling a friend that no matter where life takes me I definitely want to keep painting and writing…. because I don’t quite relate to what’s left of me without it.

The moment I said it I realised how true it was. In between I wasn’t writing at all because of the busy schedule at work. Working in events gave me a creative outlet but it also took all of your time and imagination. I thought being able to do creative work somewhere in life was enough but the more I paint and write I realise my art and writing were never about the art and writing but more about putting out in the world that wich rises and falls inside me like a wave of awareness…and adding a little light and hope into the world in the process.

That is what brings me true fullfilment, and a feeling of having done my part. Creative work for the sake of marketing a client’s idea or product might be fun but it isn’t something that makes me feel like I did what my heart was calling me to do.

I don’t know where this journey would take me, I only hope that it continues.


Author and Artist -Niharika Jaiswal

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