Phases of Moon (water colour on paper)

Phases Of The Moon

Luminous, breathtaking, yet humble
So delicate, yet so strong in your reform,
Flawed yet magnificent like the moon
Showering the world with all the light you can reflect
Softened, sweetened and strained by your soul,
Keeping your dark sides to yourself
Even when the nights swallow you whole.

My love, you have many phases, each with a role
Just like the earth has its seasons for its reasons
And the sun is different at different times of the day,
Everyone and everything has many states of being
Each state equally beautiful and equally fleeing.

Be lost, be Crescent, be quarter, be gibbous, it’s okay
Be wherever you are in this moment, and really be there,
Don’t try, don’t fight it, feel what you feel, flow with it
It’s not possible to be full every damn day,
love it, love even the lost and crescent states of you
It doesn’t mean you are insufficient or improper today,
All phases are inevitable, nothing you can do but stay true.

There are people who see your beauty even when you are askew
And there are those who will find flaws even in a full moon
It’s not their fault, they just haven’t learnt how to love yet
For whoever ever loved, never actually loved the flawless part
Flawless bits are only liked, but its’ the flaws that move the heart.

Author and Artist -Niharika Jaiswal

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