This blog has evolved from what it was meant to be when it was created since I have evolved as a human being since then. Earlier this blog was about sharing thought provoking ideas and opinions. I have since come to realise that we are not our thoughts and opinions. The post might still be thought provoking but the purpose has evolved.

With my recent poetry and paintings I try to capture those floating moments of clarity and an awareness that we sometimes attain when we are out in the nature, in meditation or sometimes out side of it when somehow we tap into something greater than us, In hopes that glancing at them might bring me and you some scence of peace, nourishment and clarity when we need help getting there.

I hope that my work can spark a little light into this world leading to more sparks. This is the best way I could think of giving back to the world and do my bit.

I also post my paintings and poetry on my Instagram art accountEpiphany and Art, which is where this new journey started and still continues. If you like my work, I would request you to also follow me there to be able to be a part of my journey more closely. You can also DM me there to buy or commission a painting.


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