Opinionated Head




Life Granted Her Wish


Life granted her wish,

Almost threw it in her face,

Slammed it in her face

As roughly as it could,

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Flying Inside A Box


Everywhere I look
I see posters telling me
What I want, what I like,
Who I am and who I want to be.
Sometimes I look away,
Sometimes I buy into their story.
They talk about free will
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“Nothing” She Said


She tried to stay very still
She didn’t want to wake him up
But he did, as he felt his chest get wet.
He held her face up knowing what he would see,
Fat tears rolling down her already moist cheeks.
Her eyes looking down trying to hide the pain
For the pain makes one look weak they say
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Loud Whispers Of Nothing


The blank page kept staring at me

As my pen refused to move

And there it was again, the emptiness.

It’s a familiar sight, I see it every night

As my head touches the pillow

And I shut my eyes ,

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Let’s fly away


All these people, sparkling and smiling
Getting drunk and talking like they have a clue
Laughing like they are happy to be here
In this ostentatious party, blowing kisses to strangers
Listening to stories with a theatrical smile
While thinking of a better one to tell

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Break me good



Let me take the pressure off, Let’s just say that we will fail.
Let’s agree that love is a sham and happily ever after, a myth.
I have been hoping for a forever while you believe in transience,
I can’t say that I haven’t considered the possibility of you being right.
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Fear Of Unknown


Don’t promise me stars if they are not yet on the cards
For me, you don’t have to be  someone you are not
We don’t need an ironclad contract assuring us
Of a happy ending for something beautiful to start
Future anyway has too many possible out comes
For us to be truly certain of getting any particular one
Merry or sad

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Woods Are Lovely Dark And Deep


Alluring are these woods, that I wandered in tonight, I realize

Running from the comfortable life that I had toiled to build

I collected so many things in that big lovely house

That there was no space for air, and no air left to breathe

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Gambling souls


Easy child easy, don’t bite off more than you can chew

Would you have gambled your heart even if you knew

That you will lose that hand to destiny’s plan

And you will lose everything else trying to win it again

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