Opinionated Head

Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal



Paint Yourself Anew



You don’t have to be today,
Whoever you thought you were yesterday.
The painting you started last night,
Doesn’t have to end how you thought it might,
It can go in any direction you desire,
You are new today, you are new every hour.
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Walking Through The Fog


When the fog is so thick,
That it blinds you,
And you can’t see the path ahead,
Walk forward anyway.
It’s just gloom, not a Gate that blocks your way,
And what else is there to do
but walk?

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Beyond Qualm And Confidence


As she walked with confident steps
Towards the life she wanted,
Looking poised and prepared to the world,
Her mind was cluttered with muddled thoughts.
A gradual qualm had taken over her,
Does the end always justify the means?
She visioned it happening differently,
And what if the life she wanted
Is not really the life that is good for her?

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“Nothing” She Said


She tried to stay very still
She didn’t want to wake him up
But he did, as he felt his chest get wet.
He held her face up knowing what he would see,
Fat tears rolling down her already moist cheeks.
Her eyes looking down trying to hide the pain
For the pain makes one look weak they say
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Break me good



Let me take the pressure off, Let’s just say that we will fail.
Let’s agree that love is a sham and happily ever after, a myth.
I have been hoping for a forever while you believe in transience,
I can’t say that I haven’t considered the possibility of you being right.
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Love Paradox


Sometimes I think that we are all lovers
With nothing and no one to love fearlessly
Our impediment is not the shortfall of love we get
But the paucity of space to love, to give love
We are attracted to things we think we can love
Not the things we think will love us
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