Opinionated Head



The Sorceress


She casts a spell with her heady scent,
leaves you lingering on words wondering what she meant.
Beautiful scars on a delicate frame,
But far from something you can claim or tame.
She is madness wrapped in gorgeous flesh,
Sorcery swirls at the hem of her dress.
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She Was A Kite Adrift



She was a kite adrift,
She wanted to keep moving,
There was no place
She really wanted to go or be.
Her eyes were searching for something
But what, she couldn’t see.

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Coming Home To you

Writing letters to home

This morning I woke up So full of joy
Yet feeling so light, almost weightless,
Flowing in the air unmoored from the floor
like a feather or pollen or music or perfume.
Surrounded by chaos and precariousness
Yet so perfectly at peace
At the thought of seeing you soon,
At the thought of returning home to you.

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Farewell Sweet Shelter


You have a beautiful heart

And you let me in.

No, doubt it was very generous of you,

But I can’t stay unless you let me own it.

I need to own all of it, all the rooms and all the walls,

All the closets and all the skeletons in them,

And every beat of your heart.

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Flying Inside A Box


Everywhere I look
I see posters telling me
What I want, what I like,
Who I am and who I want to be.
Sometimes I look away,
Sometimes I buy into their story.
They talk about free will
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Time Traveler


Always traveling through time

He is never in his body

His mind escapes it’s shell

Often to go in past or in future

His efficient shell does everything

Needed to be done at present, abstracted

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Woods Are Lovely Dark And Deep


Alluring are these woods, that I wandered in tonight, I realize

Running from the comfortable life that I had toiled to build

I collected so many things in that big lovely house

That there was no space for air, and no air left to breathe

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Time Will Tell



He had a kind face
But his soft tired eyes
Told a different story
A story she was familiar with
Whenever her eyes met his
She saw what they so playfully hid
A tempest so darkly menacing
Resembling her own blustery nights
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Lost In The Frozen Woods



It’s so bitterly cold so dreary around here

My freezing hands are trembling in fear

Not enough warmth left in my body to survive

But the thought of going back home , keeps me going

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