Opinionated Head

Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal



Walking Through The Fog


When the fog is so thick,
That it blinds you,
And you can’t see the path ahead,
Walk forward anyway.
It’s just gloom, not a Gate that blocks your way,
And what else is there to do
but walk?

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For The Sun To Shine Again



We wish for the clouds to part,
And the sun to come out and warm the heart,
But a perfect sunny day never comes like that.
Gentle parting of the clouds gives luminescence of hope,
But not the illuminating fresh start.

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Free From Myself



I tried pushing the walls,
Bruised my knuckles on locked doors,
Broke my back trying to move mountains.

And When I was completely broken,
And when I gave up all control
All illusions of control,
When I was free falling,

The wind lifted me up
Like a feather, I was swaying in the air,
flowing and swirling with the wind,
flying with the wind.

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The Fight of Right Against Right


With a towel tied around his neck
Like a cape, he flew.
He fought the monster he read about
In fairy tales, when he was feeling blue.
He rode his imaginary horse and waved
His wooden sword like a white knight.
He was going to be a hero, a savior,
He was going to fight for what’s right.

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Endless Maze


Running, breathless,
A clueless rat
Inside an endless maze.
All roads leading to
Another dead end.
Going back to the start
Only to make the
Same mistake again.
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There Is Hope


It is messy, too messy a fight

The process of getting from wrong to right

The ruination of what is, for the inception of something better

And even then it is a game of trial and error

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Woods Are Lovely Dark And Deep


Alluring are these woods, that I wandered in tonight,

Running from the comfortable life that I had toiled to build

I collected so many things in that big lovely house

That there was no space for air, and no air left to breathe

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Gambling souls


Easy child easy, don’t bite off more than you can chew

Would you have gambled your heart even if you knew

That you will lose that hand to destiny’s plan

And you will lose everything else trying to win it again

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Life’s Inevitable Dilemma


Sweating and bleeding, wounded he fought

And When his life reduced him to his knees

His empty eyes looked up at his charging enemies

Not seeing but looking through them, lost in a deep thought

Trapped in a conundrum, caught in life’s inevitable dilemma

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