Opinionated Head




Lost In The Frozen Woods



It’s so bitterly cold so dreary around here

My freezing hands are trembling in fear

Not enough warmth left in my body to survive

But the thought of going back home , keeps me going

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Leap Versus Fall



I took the leap of faith
But the fall is too deep, too fast
I haven’t hit the ground yet
I am still hoping I wouldn’t
Not this time, that this time around
I will make it, I will get there
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Pursuit Of Truth



You feel more lost
When you start looking for a direction
It gets more confusing
When you start looking for a meaning
Such is life
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Broken Angels

You heard of angels in songs and sonnets
But you don’t believe they exist anymore
Once they did but they are now extinct
World changed, the climate changed
It became Scorching, savage, befitting the demons
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Borrowed Dreams

Chasing things we were told to chase
We were told are worth chasing
We became  slaves, caged
By those borrowed dreams

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