Opinionated Head

Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal



Loud Whispers Of Nothing


The blank page kept staring at me

As my pen refused to move

And there it was again, the emptiness.

It’s a familiar sight, I see it every night

As my head touches the pillow

And I shut my eyes ,

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Ocean Sun Set


Have you ever seen the sun setting in to an ocean,

Have you ever really stoped and looked at it ?

The yellow, orange, pink and purple of the sky

Blending in to the glimmering blue of ocean.

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She and I


Sometimes in middle of despair and chaos
When I have been losing my grip
I get this sudden breeze of clarity
I look up at the stars and I see her
And I realize I want to be her

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When You Need A Magic Lamp



When you think you need a magic lamp

Look at the mieghty mountains and the grand oceans

Look at the trees, the clouds, the stars in the sky

Do you see how small you are?

Do you see how small are the things you worry about?

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Pursuit Of Truth



You feel more lost
When you start looking for a direction
It gets more confusing
When you start looking for a meaning
Such is life
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Meaning In Insignificance


I look out into the starry night sky, only to lose myself
The way an audacious wave looses itself in the enormous ocean
Millions of Colossal balls of fire looking like small glimmering spec of dust
What relevance does one have in this vast universe full of giants
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