Opinionated Head

Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal



Old Scars


She traces her scars every night in the dark,
And picks on the scabs from the wounds of her heart,
She likes the pain she says.
She wears her old scars like tattoos of tales,
Says she would rather be a melancholy song,
A twisted story, a poignant poetry
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 The end came and took from me,
The only thing I cared about.
I live on carrying around,
A heart heavy with memories.
I am still alive,
But only a little.
Sun still comes up every morning,
But the night doesn’t end.

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Going Where The Heart Takes You (Sri Lanka, Chapter 2)

After Nuwara Eliya, we were headed to Arugam Bay, a Bay on Sri Lanka’s southeast coast, the best place for a surfing vacation in the country. I am not a surfer but I wanted to try it, maybe I am a surfer, I just don’t know it yet.

On our way, we came across this small street, the sidewalk was full of shack like cafes, little gift shops and a lot of tourists. Rohaan, our driver/guide told us we are in Ella. Ella is a small town with a rich biodiversity, a lot of mesmerizing waterfalls and a hilly countryside covered with evergreen, mossy forests and tea plantations. The word Ella is Tamil for Waterfall. Yes, Ella has that many waterfalls.

Ravana Falls

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Where there used to be my heart

Now there is a story untold

A story that couldn’t be shared with the world

A story that couldn’t be celebrated

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Ocean Sun Set


Have you ever seen the sun setting in to an ocean,

Have you ever really stoped and looked at it ?

The yellow, orange, pink and purple of the sky

Blending in to the glimmering blue of ocean.

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Few Souvenirs From Sri Lanka


The smell of sea, yellow sand and palm trees
The sound of waves launching from the ocean
And scattering  into the ocean again
Some shells from the beaches of Hikkaduwa
Wrapped in a piece of paper
The stain of butter on my blue dress
From Galle fort when I had the crab platter
And the memory of a dream
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Memory Lane


I walk down the memory lane
Everything seems brighter, more beautiful
Than it seemed back then.
Do you ever wonder, why is it
That we have to lose something
To truly appreciate the value of it?
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Time Traveler


Always traveling through time

He is never in his body

His mind escapes it’s shell

Often to go in past or in future

His efficient shell does everything

Needed to be done at present, abstracted

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Lost In The Frozen Woods



It’s so bitterly cold so dreary around here

My freezing hands are trembling in fear

Not enough warmth left in my body to survive

But the thought of going back home , keeps me going

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