Opinionated Head

Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal






No, he didn’t drink to lose himself
He drank to find himself.

On those blurry nights,
At the bottom of the glass
The veil of practicality lifted from reality
And he could meet the side of his
That lived on the other side.

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The Person

Maybe it was you
Or it was the time
Maybe it was just chance
But for whatever reason
I have chosen you

To be the thing,
The cause, the person
I will destroy myself 
In the name of
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When You Know


When you know what you ought to do,

When you know what it is you want
All the pieces fit together.
The discontent, the feeling of being lost,
The endless search and the failures, 
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Farewell Sweet Shelter


You have a beautiful heart

And you let me in.

No, doubt it was very generous of you,

But I can’t stay unless you let me own it.

I need to own all of it, all the rooms and all the walls,

All the closets and all the skeletons in them,

And every beat of your heart.

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