Opinionated Head

Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal



Orion Nebula

My take on Orion Nebula (Water color & gold lef)
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Rose Colored

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Phases of The Moon

Phases of Moon (water colour on paper)

Phases Of The Moon

Luminous, breathtaking, yet humble
So delicate, yet so strong in your reform,
Flawed yet magnificent like the moon
Showering the world with all the light you can reflect
Softened, sweetened and strained by your soul,
Keeping your dark sides to yourself
Even when the nights swallow you whole.

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Between Both

Between Both (A watercolor painting with gold leafing.)

You can find more of my work on instagram @epiphanyandart

Floating Consciousness

Dropping my masks,
Skin and flesh too,
And the skeleton.

I am now brain,
and heart,
and liver, and pancreas.

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A bee sat on a flower,
A soft pink fading into shades of white flower,
Gentle and fragile and full of life flower.
It wasn’t what the flower wanted,
But as the bee took it’s nectar and left
Leading the flower to its withering and eventual fruition,
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Flawed yet Infinite


Transient hearts and faces,
Frames made of clay
Cracks in many places.

People aren’t usually great,
Greatness is in the ideas, the deeds, the creations
Created by a flawed human race.

We were flawed before we did something great,
We were flawed when were doing something great,
We will be flawed after we have done something great .

No need for blame or guilt, flawed is the way of mortals,
A child forever, Ignorant, dependent and fragile,
Flawed yet infinite in their potential to produce greatness.


 Photographer unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2019, Niharika Jaiswal

That’s How


In it with all that you are,
All that you have been, and all that you will ever be,
In it with all honesty, of both facts and feelings;
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The Book


living my life as many different versions of my self,
Every version poses a different personality,
Different manners and movements
Even the faces are slightly different.

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