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Outside​ The Car Window


Nothing tests patience
Like a long traffic Jam
On rickety roads
Of a hill station in India.

On a rainy day
The roads get muddy,
Tourists get annoyed,
Same irritated questions
On all the restless faces.

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You asked me to pour my heart out.

I poured my heart into a glass,
An intense cocktail of bittersweet feelings
Set on fire.
I knew it was not everyone’s cup of tea.

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The Strength You Finally Find

I would rather you didn’t make me your addiction,
I want to be that which gives you life
Not which takes it away in a process of slow death.

Let me be the air that you breathe,
I don’t wish to be the cigarettes that you smoke
To get through a sleepless night. Continue reading “The Strength You Finally Find”

Recipe For Your 1st Book

So, I have decided to write a book! It wouldn’t exactly be my first because I have written one before but it was a birthday present for someone who has been a huge inspiration. I got only two copies of it made, let’s just say all the copies were booked even before the book was launched and it was very well received by its target audience.  😉

Now I have decided to write my 1st book for the world, and I am really excited and also scared about it. This post is as much for me as it is for anyone who has been thinking about writing a book. Please know that I am a novice, and this post is based on very little experience and a lot of research. Feel free to correct me or leave me more tips on writing a book. I would really appreciate it! Continue reading “Recipe For Your 1st Book”

She Is Nature

She is nature
The soft gentle breeze
The very air you breathe
And the drought, the hurricane
Wiping good and evil
All the same.

Destruction without
Like she nurtures
Without discrimination. Continue reading “She Is Nature”

Until​ The Night Passes



It’s four in the morning followed by a sleepless night,
Many things I should be worrying about,
Troubles that I can’t seem to run out,
But I can hear the sound of crickets.

Ground under my feet has been shifting,
Dreams are cracking, I should be scared,
Air swishing around the fan and clock’s ticking,

And I listen to the sound of crickets. Continue reading “Until​ The Night Passes”

Freedom Demands sacrifice


Dancing light of a half eaten moon,
Trapped inside a dirty old bottle,
locked with a tottery bottle cap
Eager to break free from the trap.

One shudder and the bottle’s down,
All that light spilling on the ground,
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When You Know


When you know what you ought to do,

When you know what it is you want
All the pieces fit together.
The discontent, the feeling of being lost,
The endless search and the failures, 
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And Life Continues

It was late at night, It was her best friend’s birthday, the best friend who is not her friend anymore. They haven’t talked in a while.


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