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When Traveling To North Sikkim

Mountains are mountains everywhere you go and oceans are oceans on every beach, why is it then that we travel to far off lands to see more mountains, more oceans, more trees, and more waterfalls? In all my travels I have realized that although the pictures of all snow-capped peaks or soaring seas look alike, every place has a different vibe, a different tune in its noises, a different story to tell and a different flavor to itself; and one has to be there in that air to hear that tune or taste that flavor, for it cannot be documented or recreated. It is as if every place has a soul and we can learn all the facts about a place through research but we can’t get to know it until we come face to face.

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Off To North Sikkim

Tomorrow is my Birthday and after many years I am excited about it like I used be as a kid. I am traveling to North Sikkim, a small treasure tucked away in the valleys of Himalaya. I will be covering 5 cities in 5 days so I will be away for a bit.

But I will be back soon with a lot of stories, pictures and poems!



Someone For The Sunrise

Not a neophyte anymore,
I have been around for a while.
My eyes are deep for they have seen life,
They have seen the storms and the sunrise.
When you are stuck in the storm
Without a sailor or a soul to guide, you realize
You alone and on your own are enough,
And after a few storms I figured
I never needed anyone for the ride. Continue reading “Someone For The Sunrise”

How To Not Be Lonely Together

So often so many are so lonely
In a world full of other lonely people,
How is it even possible to get so lonely
When everyone wants to find someone
How do they not find each other?
I guess I know how.

Strutting around like the studs we are not
Looking to find someone who understands us
While never really showing who we really are,
We each hiding in our own special closet,
These closet of our fake identity behind which
We are all alone, humanity becomes a lonely species.

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Such Is My Idea Of Life


No one to please,

No one to disappoint
But the ones I chose out of love
And out of love alone.

No possessions to lose,
Nothing I need to find to be wealthy
But only the things that are priceless,
Things one can never lose once found. Continue reading “Such Is My Idea Of Life”

Sunshine Things



Little words you say so playfully,
Little things you do unknowingly,
Little things of little consequences,
Sometimes they touch me
like a winter breeze,
Not at once but slowly
Everything turns cold
My skin, my heart even my smile
And sometimes they seep
In my skin like soft sunlight
The ice starts melting
The winter ends there
And just like that
Spring arrives. Continue reading “Sunshine Things”

Infinite Numbers

Pick a number, they said
So he started counting in his head
One two three four five six
Kept going, he had to know all his options
To know which one was his perfect bet.

The thing about numbers is that
They are infinite, after counting for years
You finally realize you can’t know it all,
See it all, try it all or be it all
To know for sure which one to pick.
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This Time When You See Me


This time when you see me
Take gentle steps, walk towards me
Slowly and intently.

How long I will have waited to see you,
So when I see you let me see you,
Let me see you see me
With that love in your eyes
That you once saw me with. Continue reading “This Time When You See Me”

Let’s Connect – October, 2017

Hi Dear Bloggers!

They say we only grow by growing others. I have been meaning to create this section for a while now, A place where we all can connect on a more personal level and encourage the blogs and bloggers we admire.

My blog has recently turned one and as of today I have 638 followers and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support. Many of you have inspired me with you work and many of you have encouraged and supported me at every step of the way, you have kept me going and striving to do better. There were times when some of you shared with me how my posts and poems helped you, moved yo or just made you realise something new, those were the times when my blog served its purpose. For all of this I thank you and cherish you with all my heart and dedicate this section to you.
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