Opinionated Head

Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal






The constant lump in my throat
Is heavier tonight,
And an emptiness so chaotic
It numbs my mind
But it’s not peaceful,
It’s like that dark night
Where you see nothing
But you are constantly scared.
Like something bad has happened
And you have gone numb from shock,
It’s all a blank but full of fear,
Fear of snapping out of the shock
And feeling the pain,
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Love Paradox


Sometimes I think that we are all lovers
With nothing and no one to love fearlessly
Our impediment is not the shortfall of love we get
But the paucity of space to love, to give love
We are attracted to things we think we can love
Not the things we think will love us
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Forever For A Day


My eyes couldn’t rest all night
The dreams didn’t let them
My heart kept longing for you
Sleeping right by your side
Even though you held me close
My heart kept longing for more

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Broken Angels

You heard of angels in songs and sonnets
But you don’t believe they exist anymore
Once they did but they are now extinct
World changed, the climate changed
It became Scorching, savage, befitting the demons
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Our Parallel Realities



What if it’s all just a work of fiction,
What if it’s just a story that I am telling myself,
So I can feel good, so I can feel something.
What if everything I consider real and meaningful
Is something trivial exaggerated by my mind, a soft lie.
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About You And Me
I see the side of you that is fascinated by pain, sin and self destruction,
I see the darkness lurking on the edges of your mind and I worry.
I also see all this good in you and I see the love you have in your eyes,
And the fear that holds you back, taking leaps only when the fall is short.
I see the dreams that you weave and I see your depleting faith in them,
I see the battles you lose so casually because giving it your best is daunting,
And so I worry.

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