Opinionated Head

Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal



Sunshine Things



Little words you say so playfully,
Little things you do unknowingly,
Little things of little consequences,
Sometimes they touch me
like a winter breeze,
Not at once but slowly
Everything turns cold
My skin, my heart even my smile
And sometimes they seep
In my skin like soft sunlight
The ice starts melting
The winter ends there
And just like that
Spring arrives. Continue reading “Sunshine Things”




The constant lump in my throat
Is heavier tonight,
And an emptiness so chaotic
It numbs my mind
But it’s not peaceful,
It’s like that dark night
Where you see nothing
But you are constantly scared.
Like something bad has happened
And you have gone numb from shock,
It’s all a blank but full of fear,
Fear of snapping out of the shock
And feeling the pain,
Continue reading “Wormhole”

Life Granted Her Wish


Life granted her wish,

Almost threw it in her face,

Slammed it in her face

As roughly as it could,

Continue reading “Life Granted Her Wish”

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