Opinionated Head

Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal



The Book


living my life as many different versions of my self,
Every version poses a different personality,
Different manners and movements
Even the faces are slightly different.

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He flew like He was meant to fly,

Like he was going to tear the sky,

But  the sky was too far and not real,

An untouchable, unreachable goal,

An illusion, that’s all,

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Gardening Basics



There is this time of hope and uncertainty
After you sow a seed and before
You see a little sapling in its place.
Watering a patch of dirt day after day,
No proof or progress that your eyes can see,
Yet you believe in what it can be,
While on tenterhooks and in turmoil
You hold on to the dream of a mighty tree,
The nobility or the foolishness of that faith
Shall be proved with the fate of that seed.

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Life Granted Her Wish


Life granted her wish,

Almost threw it in her face,

Slammed it in her face

As roughly as it could,

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Meaning In Insignificance


I look out into the starry night sky, only to lose myself
The way an audacious wave looses itself in the enormous ocean
Millions of Colossal balls of fire looking like small glimmering spec of dust
What relevance does one have in this vast universe full of giants
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Broken Angels

You heard of angels in songs and sonnets
But you don’t believe they exist anymore
Once they did but they are now extinct
World changed, the climate changed
It became Scorching, savage, befitting the demons
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Borrowed Dreams

Chasing things we were told to chase
We were told are worth chasing
We became  slaves, caged
By those borrowed dreams

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Our Parallel Realities



What if it’s all just a work of fiction,
What if it’s just a story that I am telling myself,
So I can feel good, so I can feel something.
What if everything I consider real and meaningful
Is something trivial exaggerated by my mind, a soft lie.
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Let’s talk


Let’s talk philosophy, let’s write poetry.
Let’s discuss facts and fiction,
Dreams and realities.

Your clothes and cars are all perfect.
I am more interested in the soul though,
So let’s talk secrets.

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